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Our Plays for this School Year: 2014 - 2015

Kelly’s Day Out


Kelly’s Day Out is a comic play about chance and the consequences of simple actions. The story is about what happens when Kelly gets on the wrong bus on her way to school one day. That simple. However, it’s a special bus that can take you anywhere - whether past, present, or future and where you can meet anyone - whether real or fictional. The problem is: knowing what you would like to do.

So where does Kelly go? Who does she meet? What adventures does she have? Watch and see in Kelly’s Day Out, a fast-moving comedy; filled with music where the ending very much depends on what the children say. 

Kellys day Out tamaño original

Home Truths


Home Truths is a comic play about the importance of the past. The central character, Dan, is a typical schoolboy; a bit lazy, more interested in enjoying himself, in being with his friends, than in actually really learning anything.
Dan is really modern, very charming, extremely fashion conscious, and entirely convinced that anything old is necessarily bad, boring and better ignored. One day Dan comes across a book and gets trapped in it - literally. Through some kind of worm hole he finds himself travelling through time and discovers that the past is not exactly quite as he imagined it to be and not as different to the present as he thought.

Home Truths is a highly involving, interactive comedy in ETC's house style. 

Home Truths tamaño original
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What if?


What if? Choices. Decisions. Should I do this? Would it be best to do that? School is full of them. Choices for now, choices for later. Choices you make now for a future you’re not certain about. Study choices, personal choices. There’s a lot, right? Parents can help, teachers can help, friends too, but what do I want? What do I think?

What if? is a comedy fully within the ETC style which looks at a group of friends faced with all these dilemmas. 

What if tamaño original
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Sherlock Holmes

and the Case of the Missing Whatsit




Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Missing Whatsit is our affectionate, cheeky yet respectful, look at Sherlock Holmes. It is both a conventional comedy play and an interactive piece of theatre; full of humour, which fondly parodies the classic take on the world of who is, undoubtedly, the world’s most famous “consulting detective”.

The Missing Whatsit is Holmes’ forgotten case and is a madcap, comic ETC play in our home style together with most of what you would expect from a Holmesian story: put together in an accessible, humorous and original way. 

Sherlock Holmes tamaño original
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About the plays

The plays are prepared to last approximately 50 minutes to one hour. The exact running time depends upon the audience. As we involve them directly in our plays their contribution obviously affects the final length of the performance.

We perform during school time and we can perform in all kinds of venues – from state of the art theatres to school canteens and gymnasiums. Our plays are designed to be adaptable to any venue. All we require is an acting area in a space that is adequate to the size of the audience where they can be seated comfortably and see and hear the actors.

Each play comes with its own comprehensive Play Pack with full activities for classroom use; for both before and after the performance with clear suggestions for use. 

What Play to choose?

Below are the prime ages at which our plays are targeted. Each play can be performed differently according to the age and level of the audience. For example a performance of Kelly's Day Out for 6 and 7 year olds is not the same as a performance for 11 and 12 year olds. This is the same for the other plays. We adapt the script and the performance to cater to our public.

Kelly's Day Out       6 7 8 9 10 11 12 years

Home Truths                        10 11 12 13 14 years

What if?                                               13 14 15 16 17 18 years                     

Sherlock Holmes                                           15 16 17 18 years

For Adults: We recommend a modified version of What if?, or Sherlock Holmes depending on the level of English of the audience.

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