Dream On


For higher- intermediate and advanced students
For Second grade, High School and Adult learners


From 14 to 18 years old and adults

Running time

50 minutes to 1 hour

Dream On takes place inside Kate’s head on one particular school day. It’s been careers day and Kate has to think what she wants to study for, and at, university. Her mind is full of choices, questions, doubts, fears, desires and confusion.

“Should I do this? Would it be best to do that?” 

“And what? Choose for now, choose for later? Choices you make now for a future you’re not certain about. Study choices, personal choices. There’s a lot, right?”

 “Yeah, right, okay. Parents can help, teachers can help, friends too, but what do I want? What do I think?”

Dream On is a highly comic play where Kate tells the audience about her day through flashbacks as her memories, fantasies and recollections play out in her mind.

Dream On is a new version of an earlier play, called What if, which we have rewritten to be more interactive.

Not only do we have two different scripts, a lower and a higher level script – which we modify live – but we have also written into the script moments where the audience chooses what the actors do. They are presented with a number of choices and the actors accept the choice that the audience makes.

This means that Dream On has different plot developments and different endings – depending upon what choices the audience makes.

We pride ourselves that we have always aimed to perform for the audience in front of us but these new “choice points” that the audience has, in all our plays this year, helps us adapt the performance even more to the level and taste of each audience. We do keep, of course, ultimate control ourselves in what is appropriate and what is not.

Our plays are written and rehearsed to be adaptable; so they can be performed in any venue.

Including a full pack of activities and exercises focussing on comprehension, language, themes and skills work.

Our professional native speaking actors are trained by us to adapt and modify their performance according to the audience’s reactions.

D.I.Y (Do it yourself)

For lower- intermediate; intermediate students
For Secondary and High School learners

Jack Todd

For lower- intermediate; intermediate students
For Secondary and High School learners

General Plays, Older plays