Our new online material brings us into the classroom, home,
wherever – just with a click; and whenever you want.

Though separate to our live performances, the aim is the same:
that students enjoy them and that teachers find them worthwhile.


Our new short films for classroom use.

They are either new material, based upon plays we have in our reportory, or entirely new dramatic pieces.

Written and produced by us, performed by our actors in our house style, though adapted for the screen, they are entertaining, involving, humorous and each Clickact comes with a full activity pack for classroom use.

Forty-odd days

Our first ever filmed mini-series.

Forty – Odd Days is an entertaining comedy of seven episodes, very much in our house style – adapted for the screen – based upon … well, us. It is a fictionalised, highly comic sit-com which looks at the mad, ridiculous, sometimes glorious, touching, moving, absurd events that can happen to a group of young actors thrown together to perform a series of plays throughout Europe when that all so suddenly stops and they find themselves in a lockdown for … about forty – odd days.