Time Apart


    The Johnson’s are a dysfunctional family. It isn’t so much their fault. They don’t mean to be. Just that habits adopted over the years have made them like that.

    Dad is always busy: doing, making, building things while Mum is lost in a world of soaps, reality shows and a diet, health and exercise regime that leaves her literally no time for anything else.

    One day something happens and everything explodes as time is ripped apart and they and their son, Barry, have an opportunity to go back, see themselves as they were, as they could have been and maybe, perhaps put themselves together again in a much better way.

    Time Apart is a highly comic interactive. play in ETC´s house style as we follow the adventures of the Johnson’s into their many possible futures.


    For lower level students.
    Suitable for older Primary and younger Secondary learners


    From 10 to 14 years old

    Running time

    50 minutes to 1 hour

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