Where there’s no Will


For higher- intermediate and advanced students
For High School and Adult learners


From 16 years and up

Running time

50 minutes to 1 hour

This is a complete rewriting of one of our most popular higher level plays “Halcyon Days”, following our London theatre run. It is a play about Shakespeare – he is the Will in the title – and is about the very stuff of life; hopes and fears, loyalty and deceit, love and hate, friendship, and rivalry, work and leisure, crime and punishment, philosophy and the price of fish.

A young woman, Rosalind, comes across Shakespeare’s diary and by some freak occurrence falls into the book and reappears in Tudor England on the stage at The Globe on a crucial day for Shakespeare; when he and his actors are planning to rehearse for an audition for Queen Elizabeth I the following day. Will is, as usual, late and his actors are getting jealous, bored and restless.

Where there’s no Will is a dynamic, highly involving, comic ETC play in our home style together with many of the most famous passages from Shakespeare put together in an accessible, humorous and original way.

We pride ourselves that we have always aimed to perform for the audience in front of us but these new “choice points” that the audience has, in all our plays this year, helps us adapt the performance even more to the level and taste of each audience. We do keep, of course, ultimate control ourselves in what is appropriate and what is not.

Our plays are written and rehearsed to be adaptable; so they can be performed in any venue.

Including a full pack of activities and exercises focussing on comprehension, language, themes and skills work.

Our professional native speaking actors are trained by us to adapt and modify their performance according to the audience’s reactions.



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