– is different and supplementary to our usual interactive plays.
– is aimed exclusively for smaller groups of 60 students.
– is one actor working with the audience.
– is one of our most interactive plays and is carefully scripted while also improvised with the students at their language level.
– is highly adaptable and is recommended for students from 6 to 11 years old.
– is entirely in English performed by a professional native speaking actor with extensive experience in working with our audiences.

A Good Tip

Stan’s life has become rubbish. Literally; he now has to make his home, his friends, his fun, his life, his … everything out of rubbish. Everyday he gets up, finds food and finds ways to entertain himself using … yes, you guessed it: rubbish! He often wonders, is there more to life than just this? There used to be, once, surely.


One day a little ray of hope appears, in the form of an unexpected visitor. It’s odd, it’s different, it’s alive and, most importantly, it is not rubbish.


Is there more like this out there, somewhere? And, can Stan keep his new visitor alive?


With a little inspiration, and considerable help from the children, he creates a way to explore the wider world! Here his adventure begins as he battles against the elements and explores the seemingly uninhabited world around him.


A Good Tip is a highly interactive, creative adventure comedy where one man leaves his home and goes off in search of something better.


Puppetry, music, creativity and audience interaction are just some of the elements that make up this, quite relevant, modern tale.


For Primary school students


From 6 to 11 years old

Running time

45 minutes

General Plays, One man show