The young shipwrecked Jack Todd lives alone on a remote tropical island. Every day he gets up and goes through his daily routine to survive on the Island. He gathers food, builds and improves his shelter, keeps himself healthy and dreams of seeing his home in England again. However, one day everything changes. He is kidnapped from his island by a band of slightly strange pirates. This unexpected “rescue” puts him back into life at sea, encouraging his hopes of returning home.


With the oceans as his pathway, the wind as his fuel and the horizon for a guide, he embarks upon his curious adventures; meeting interesting friends, greedy enemies, beautiful sea creatures and ultimately going where no young boy has been before.


Told in simple language with audience interaction and involvement, The Curious Adventures of Jack Todd is a story loosely influenced by some of the most famous adventure stories of English Literature.


For beginners and lower level students.
Suitable for Primary school learners.


From 6 to 11 years old

Running time

50 minutes to 1 hour

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