For beginners and lower-level students
Suitable for Primary school learners


From 6 to 11 years old.

Running time

50 minutes to 1 hour

It is nearly the coming of age party for the mischievous half-pixie Penny when she must become a full pixie and leave human kind behind. 

Something she very much does not want to do.  She has become more and more curious of the world outside her home.  She wants to find new friends, not lose them, and have fantastic adventures.  With a bag full of magic and a thirst for fun she wanders a bit too far away and becomes lost.  Determined to be brave she begins to explore the world around her.  In this comic adventure we follow Penny as she meets bizarre characters, makes new friends and comes up against greedy enemies.

What new lessons will she learn? Who is friend? Who is foe? Will she ever get back home?

Curiosity, adventure, greed, betrayal, magic, friendship and a little bird-watching; these are the essential elements that make up this modern tale.

Our plays are written and rehearsed to be adaptable; so they can be performed in any venue.

Including a full pack of activities and exercises focussing on comprehension, language, themes and skills work.

Our professional native speaking actors are trained by us to adapt and modify their performance according to the audience’s reactions.

Not One Of Us

From 12 to 18 years old

Oh, What a Lovely World!

16 years and up

General Plays, New plays