Forty-Odd Days


    7 episodes
    (between 20 to 35 minutes each)


    For intermediate, higher intermediate and advanced students
    For Secondary, High School and Adult learners


    From 15 to 18 years + adults

    Available from September

    Forty-Odd Days is an entertaining comedy of seven episodes, very much in our house style – adapted for the screen – based upon … well, us. It is a fictionalised, highly comic series which looks at the mad, ridiculous, silly, sometimes glorious, touching, moving, absurd events that can happen to a group of young actors thrown together to perform a series of plays throughout Europe when that all so suddenly stops and they find themselves in a lockdown for … about forty – odd days.

    Forty-Odd Days is very loosely inspired from what happened when our actors were thrown into lockdown in March 2020 together with many of the ideas that were going into our new touring play “Off-Stage” for the following October – this never happened, as we couldn’t tour.

    While Forty-Odd Days does not ignore the tragic side of this time, it is, above all, a comedy; with a couple of possible love stories, some quarrels and arguments, a few truly ridiculous ideas that somehow work, some tears, much laughter, with joy even: as we watch Becca, Caz, Charlie, Lucas, Matt and Thomas get through their days trying – nearly – always to make the best of it. Some of the events may be based on something true, many are heightened for comic effect, and most are just made up.

    Forty-Odd Days is our first filmed mini-series, with everything you would expect to see from us. It happens during lockdown, but it isn’t about that so much as it’s about a group of colleagues and friends, forced to live together in close proximity, who are determined to deal with their situation as best they can.

    Forty-Odd Days is a new venture for us: a comedy series in our home style, which is caring, involving and funny.

    There are two ways to watch Forty-Odd Days: one is just for fun, watching it like any other series and, we hope, enjoying it, and the other is enjoying it, as well as working through the activity pack (available separately) for each episode; either as a class activity or something you set up yourself. As with all our work, our aim is that they are enjoyable and also educationally useful: the choice is yours.


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