Kelly and the Peculiar Pink Rabbit


    20 minutes.
    Divided in 4 parts.


    For lower-level students
    Primary learners


    From 7 to 11 years old.

    Available from September

    “Some days, when you’re having tea with a very large pink rabbit, strange things can happen,” Kelly thought; just before everything started to get very odd, indeed.

    That could be the opening line in this new ETC short film. It isn’t, but it could be.

    Kelly and the Peculiar Pink Rabbit is a creative mix, inspired loosely by Cinderella, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland – among others.

    We meet Kelly, a naturally happy 12-year-old girl, who is bullied outrageously by her much older brothers, Peter and Paul. One day when she’s very, very frustrated with everything she sees a large, and a little scary, rabbit who gives her a gift of a bag that is always empty except for the very one thing that she most needs at that moment.

    We share her adventures until her return home, now with a greater strength to stand up to her brothers.

    Written and filmed by us, it is performed by our actors.

    It’s a comedy, in our house style and it comes with a full range of classroom activities, both audio-visual and printed. These include comprehension, specific language work, all skills activities and further activities related to themes treated in the play.

    Adapted from our own stage play “Kelly’s Day Out”, it is one of the first of our new series of ETC: Clickacts: short films for class or home use.

    This Kelly and the Peculiar Pink Rabbit Clickact can be used entirely separately to our stage play, or used in conjunction with it.

    The Clickact comes with a full activity pack, both audio visual and printed, which covers language items, skills work, themes referred to: with suggestions for use. Kelly’s Clickact breaks neatly into four parts but can be broken down more; as you choose, or done all at once as an online “play” and then worked on … or not; as you choose.

    We always aim that our work is both entertaining and useful and these Clickacts are also intended to allow you the maximum freedom in using them when and where you want, as many times as you want within the time frame you have chosen.

    (We do have security measures in force to safeguard misuse by others but this will not limit your freedom at all)

    Put together in parts for you to decide how much you watch at any one time

    Including a full pack of activities and exercises focussing on comprehension, language, themes and skills work

    Online workshops; guided by one of our trained, native English – speaking, professional actors



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