Serendipity is a small ode to the pleasure of learning, the joy of finding out about things. Not an easy aim in itself, but it’s also an interactive comedy and one of the best loved plays for this age group in our repertoire.

Our hero Tom is a bright, lazy, popular 14 year old who wants to do well in school, always provided that he does as little work as possible. School just interrupts the important things in his life: his friends, sports, games, music etc. As he says “there are just too many things to do to spend much time studying. Do the maths”.

One day something happens that makes him discover, to his astonishment, that learning can not only be useful as all the teachers keep telling him but it can also be fun.


For lower level students.
Suitable for older Primary and younger Secondary learners


From 10 to 14 years old

Running time

50 minutes to 1 hour

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