A Day in the Life of Billy Fibber

    This is the story of Billy, a young boy with a very vivid imagination. Most of the time Billy feels either threatened or bored. He tries to keep quiet, to not be noticed: which is probably why he is bored so often. He is bullied at school and nagged at home. Billy’s only escape is his rich fantasy life where he imagines he is the star, the lone romantic hero, the brave courageous modern knight who can somehow conquer the heart of Beth the new girl in his class who, because she is new, Billy thinks she won’t know how pathetic he is.

    A Day in the Life of Billy Fibber is a complete rewrite of William B, one of our most successful plays; which we performed for older students. We feel it is now more relevant to this age group and have rewritten it to be suitable for this age and level. It remains loosely based on the novel Billy Liar by Keith Waterhouse. It is funny, moving and very involving.


    For lower level students.
    Suitable for older Primary and younger Secondary learners.


    From 10 to 14 years old.

    Running time

    50 minutes to 1 hour

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