Off Stage

    Off-Stage is a highly entertaining comedy soap based upon, well … us. It is a fictionalised, highly comic play which looks at the mad, ridiculous, silly, sometimes glorious, touching, moving, absurd events that can happen to a group of young actors thrown together to perform a series of plays throughout Europe. What happens off-stage after the play is finished.

    As with any soap, in Off-Stage everything is heightened: there are tears, laughter, disbelief, as we watch our actors wander from one adventure to another. Some of the events are true, many are enhanced for comic effect, and some are just made up. We’ll never tell you which part is which.

    Off-Stage is a new play in our home style; caring, involving and funny.


    For intermediate and higher intermediate students.
    Suitable for Secondary and High school learners.


    From 13 to 18 years old

    Running time

    50 minutes to 1 hour

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