Sherlock Holmes and the Missing Whatsit

    This is Holmes’ missing case. Perhaps the one he would most like to forget. Certainly his funniest. It is also our affectionate, cheeky yet respectful, look at the world’s most famous “consulting detective” full of everything you would expect in a Sherlock Holmes story put together in an involving, humorous and original way.

    The Missing Whatsit is a rewrite of a play we have already successfully toured with. Rewritten to be a more engaging, more interactive piece of comic theatre in our recognisable house style where, even if you knew absolutely nothing about Sherlock Holmes, we are sure you will still enjoy the show.


    For higher intermediate and advanced students.
    Suitable for High school and adult learners.


    From 15 to 18 years old and adults

    Running time

    50 minutes to 1 hour

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